Marc Samuels Jewelers is proud to be an official retail partner of the exclusive brand, U-Boat.  U-Boat is an Italian watch brand that has been producing handcrafted and limited-edition pieces for nearly 20 years, all designed by Italo Fontana.

Italo Fontana’s creations have a distinct style, and his imprint can be seen in their lines because he personally designs each model.

Italo was born in the medieval town of Lucca (Tuscany) in 1965, where he still lives with his family. He started to create his first projects at a very young age, and he has always been fascinated by design. He owes to his grandfather the input to start his practice. He practically realized his grandfather’s dream by bringing his project back to life in these 20 years. With his 65 mm watch, Italo has become recognized worldwide as the designer of the world’s largest wristwatch.