Franck Muller

Boldness and Creativity

Marc Samuels Jewelers is proud to an official retail partner of the exclusive brand, Franck Muller. Founded in Geneva by Franck Muller and Vartan Sirmakes with a vision of creating exclusive timepieces characterized by original designs and complicated movements. The brand has quickly become one of the best Swiss horlogerie brands.


All the mechanical watchmaking complications invented by Franck Muller are designed and developed at the heart of our own workshops. From the simple sketch of a world premiere mechanism to the execution of the plans, via the construction of a prototype, right through to monitoring the production — every stage of manufacturing a watch is followed to its successful completion.

Marc Samuels Jewelers continues our dedication to providing only the finest watchmakers and the highest level of customer satisfaction by adding the prestigious Franck Muller brand. Our staff of jewelry professionals is available daily to take you on a tour of this remarkable brand.

Featured Franck Muller Watches