From under the California sun, Tacori creates the most intricately crafted artisan jewelry in the world. The individual character of hand craftsmanship insures each piece of their jewelry is a individual work of art. Everything Tacori does, every action taken and every decision made is to inspire those who dream big and choose to wear the brand.

All Tacori pieces are handcrafted in California. When Tacori says handcrafted, it is not a PR pitch, it is at the core of who they are. Dreaming big and bringing those dreams to life. Hundreds of artisans and employees in their California headquarters work at creating beautiful designs for their international clientele. Whether your choice of jewelry is an engagement ring that symbolizes the start of a new life together, or an expression of your unique fashion and style, these designs are so much more than a piece of jewelry.

“For the people who choose Tacori, our jewelry invites the story of what dream is being fulfilled. Whatever your dream is, we invite you to dream big with us.”

Marc Samuels Jewelers is proud to bring the Tacori experience to Frisco & Grapevine. Our staff of expert jewelers and designers, artisans & diamond experts recognize each piece as the artwork it is. Allow us to fit your perfect piece of art to you.